June 2014 

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Clever Solution to a Common Problem 

Bob & Di installed a 3-bin O2Compost System last September at their farm in Florida. After constructing the bins, they discovered a challenge that they hadn't anticipated... Di found it very difficult to lift a heavy muck bucket up and over the front wall. Together, she and Bob came up with an excellent solution: a hydraulic lift table.

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For anyone interested in this product, the Harbor Freight website has a hydraulic lift table (capable of lifting 500 lbs) currently on sale for $159. Click HERE for a link to the site or conduct your own web search for a local distributor. 

Hands-On Workshop a Success!

We had another great time at our Hands-On ASP Workshop in April. A group of 10 people took the class: six from California, two from Illinois, one from Wisconsin, and one from Mexico City. This was our fifth event, and the best so far.

We originally conceived of the 3-day workshop as a way to bridge the gap between classroom-style seminars and field application. It has worked even better than anticipated for everyone involved.

April 2014 Workshop Newsletter   

If you are interested in learning about aerated composting and gaining first-hand experience before starting up your own compost system, this is the class for you. Our next event will be held September 10 to 13 in Snohomish, Washington - about 45 minutes north of Seattle. We encourage you to contact us right away to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 10 participants and every workshop sells out.

Peter's Rules of Composting - A 12-Part Series

Rule 2: To Learn to Compost, One Must Compost

Composting requires an understanding of several basic principles, but book learning only goes so far. Fully understanding the art and science of composting requires hands-on experience and a considerable amount of practice. 

Most people encounter four psychological stages when learning a new skill. The four stages include:

Stage 1 - Unconscious Incompetence  (You don't know what you don't know)
Stage 2 - Conscious Incompetence   (You know what you don't know)
Stage 3 - Conscious Competence    (You know what you know)
Stage 4 - Unconscious Competence (You don't know what you know)

With regard to composting, most people have a basic understanding that it involves a natural process that converts raw organic materials into something that looks like soil. But when we use the phrase "aerated composting", most people aren't quite sure what we mean (Stage 1).

I then explain that "aerated composting" means that we introduce airflow into the compost pile to maintain aerobic conditions throughout the pile in order to optimize the biology of the system, and that turning the pile is not required. I go on to say that the net result of this biologic process is the production of heat and that we utilize this heat to destroy pathogens, parasites and weed seeds in the mix to produce a high-quality finished product in about 60 days. Just before their eyes glaze over, they likely say to themselves, "There's more to this than I thought" (Stage 2).

With the O2Compost Training Program, we teach people the step-by-step process to compost (let's say) the manure and waste bedding produced by six horses, and we guide them through our training process from beginning to end. At first they may think, "What have I gotten myself into" but they dutifully monitor the composting process, make note of their observations, and ask a lot of questions. Together we refine their method of operating the system so that it works effectively and automatically with every new batch (Stage 3).

They then go on to operate their O2Compost System completely on their own and week after week, year after year, they continue to compost without giving it a second thought. At this point, they seldom take pile temperatures anymore because they "just know" by the way it looks and smells that everything is working just fine. They say to their friends, "It's really quite easy - my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner" (Stage 4).

The First Corollary of Rule 2:  "You can't learn to ride a bicycle at a seminar."

Previous Rules:

Rule 1:  Start with the End in Mind  (April Newsletter)

A New Compost System Comes On-Line
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OWNER:   Kristina M.

LOCATION:  New Paltz, New York

3 horses on pelleted straw bedding

The finished compost is spread onto fields and paddocks, and given to neighbors for their gardens.


Upcoming Events

June 26, 2014
USCC Sponsored Webinar on ASP Composting
Go HERE to register. 

September 10-13, 2014
ASP Hands-On Workshop
-Snohomish, Washington
This 3-day event bridges the gap between the classroom and the field.
Our motto:  "Seeing is Believing but Doing is Understanding".
Now taking registrations. Email sherri@o2compost.com.


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