Fall 2017 

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Are You Ready For Winter?

If you already own an O2Compost System …

  • We suggest that you remove all finished compost from your bins and spread it on your pastures before they become saturated or frozen. This will free up your bins to give you capacity to compost throughout the winter months.
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  • If you sell your compost, we recommend that you set it aside in a pile and cover it with a tarp to keep it from becoming saturated from rain and snow and to keep windblown weed seeds from accumulating on the surface. 

  • We also suggest that you test your blower, timer and aeration channels to make sure everything is operating properly. If your system needs maintenance or repairs, now is the perfect time to take care of these checklist items. It will be too hard when it’s cold and you will likely be too busy next spring.

  • Please call us if you need technical support (or just to say hello).

If you do not yet own an O2Compost System … 

  • Now is the perfect time to begin planning for Spring construction.

  • Give us a call and request a proposal so that you can take advantage of our discount pricing.

  • With our Training Programs, we provide detailed plans for a system that fits your needs and preferences (i.e., size, configuration, building materials).

  • With your plans in hand, you can secure bids from contractors when business is slow, getting more favorable pricing,and your selected contractor will be ready to go once construction season kicks off. You can be up and running well before the heat of summer and the return of “fly season”.

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How to Be the Perfect Horsekeeper

You and a friend can each receive a FREE copy of Dr. Karen Hayes’ book, How to Be the PerfectHorsekeeper simply by referring them to O2Compost and exploring the possibility of installing a compost system at their horse facility. 

Here are some excerpts from the book:

The Problem

One 1100-pound horse passes manure, on average, seven to ten times per day, adding up to a total daily output of about fifty pounds. A small operation housing only ten horses accumulates almost seven tons of manure in just one month.

First Impressions

Even if you have only one horse, the pile mounts up to an amazing degree. Many horse facilities are part of somebody’s home property and the muck pile is an eyesore that stinks, and it detracts from the aesthetics of the property.

Fecal Matters

Each defecation contains millions of a particular category of bacteria called coliforms. Coliforms are a notorious bacterial family that includes tetanus as well as other dangerous and often fatal disease-producers such as Rhodococcus, E. coli, and Salmonella species. Your risk of tetanus, as well as your horse’s, is higher if a flesh wound happens when on horse property.


Manure is a breeding ground for flies. If you have a typical muck pile, then every year your fly population increases, in spite of diligent use of larvicides, insecticides, and repellents. It starts up as a nuisance and escalates to a health issue and a problem that quite literally ruins the summer days, with you and your horses swatting and stomping.

The Environment

There are two ways to look at the environmental issue. One is our horses suffer from being made to live among filth. It threatens the health of their gastrointestinal tract, their respiratory tract, their skin, their nervous system, their eyes, their hooves, their offspring and their quality of life.

Second, the horse facility that doesn’t deal responsibly with its muck pile is vulnerable to being sued for contaminating ground water and surface water. This was a small risk 20 years ago. Today it’s inevitable.

The Perfect Solution: From the Top of the Heap

The king of the manure mountain is an engineer named Peter Moon. In addition to degrees in geology and geotechnical engineering, Moon’s got experience, enthusiasm, and a nose for a good compost pile. More than any so-called expert I’ve ever consulted, he “gets” compost and is anxious to spread the word.

Aeration without Turning

It all comes down to oxygen. Peter’s work has shown that within about 30 minutes after turning the heap and raising the oxygen levels, the levels quickly plummet – often to levels as low as 1 percent, even lower than they were before turning. His system is able to maintain aerobic conditions throughout the pile without turning.  The beauty of his system is that it will work for a one-horse enclosed bin as well as for a 2,000 horse mega facility’s mountain of manure.

Visit our website to read more from Dr. Hayes' book.

Compost Workshops in Maryland

Pre-Register Now for 2018

O2Compost has teamed up with Veteran Compost of Aberdeen, Maryland and received grant funding through the Maryland Department of Agriculture for a series of compost training workshops. These workshops are intended for livestock owners who are located throughout the Chesapeake Bay Region. 

After nearly nine months of effort, we have secured land in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and have begun construction of our demonstration site.

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This project includes the following features:

  • Quarterly workshops for livestock owners in Maryland and surrounding states;
  • Field demonstrations for all scales of operations (i.e., one horse to 100 horses, or more)
  • Hands-on exercises for: 1) developing an ideal compost mix; and 2) monitoring the composting process;
  • Guest speakers to discuss: 1) regional pollution of the Chesapeake Bay and related clean-up efforts; 2) small farm planning; 3) end-use and marketing of finished compost products, etc.; and
  • A free website for marketing finished compost to local gardeners and farmers.

The schedule and location for the workshops has not yet been finalized, but we are now inviting those who are interested in attending to pre-register by contacting O2Compost either by e-mail (sherri@o2compost.com) or by calling us at 360.568.8085.

For Maryland residents, the workshops are free. There is a nominal fee for out-of-state participants.  

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

 Marks System

Lori Marks in North Carolina

"The training support from the staff is the most vital part of the package.
Great customer service

On our website: Windchase Farm

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Ed W. in Tennessee

"O2Compost has a great understanding
of the composting process." 

On our website: Atlas Organics

Brady System

Lloyd B. in Colorado

"O2Compost offers well thought out designs that make pasture management very efficient."

On our website: Colorado Benchmark



Where should I locate my compost bins?


One of the primary objectives 

with on-farm composting is that it should be chore-efficient.

To that end, I always recommend that the bins be located close to the barn, near power and water, and convenient for a tractor to operate.  It is also helpful if there is easy access for pickup trucks or cars with trailers, should you plan on selling the compost to local gardeners.

If there is sloping ground near the barn, I encourage our clients to excavate into the hillside and construct a “Top-Down” system.  This enables them to take full advantage of gravity.

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New Compost Systems Come On-Line

Groskopf Newsletter

OWNER:   Brooke G.
LOCATION:  Cambridge, WI

"We like the fact that we are composting without unsightly piles of manure sitting around."

More information on our website.

Hilleren System

SYSTEM TYPE:   Benchmark
OWNER:   Deborah H.
LOCATION:  Powell Butte, OR

"Using the compost system makes the Ranch cleaner with almost no flies."

More information on our website.

   Cloutier Newsletter

SYSTEM TYPE:   Cornerstone
OWNER:   Suzie C.

"We LOVE the fact that our aerated bins need little to no upkeep and no turning."

More information on our website.

 Nihart Newsletter

SYSTEM TYPE:   Aerated Static Piles
OWNER:   Gary N.
LOCATION:   Greenville, SC

"Working with O2Compost has been great."

More information on our website.


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