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Phoenix Press Farm

New Haven, CT

Phoenix Press Farm is located at the foot of a wind turbine powering Connecticut's only wind-powered printing press. This farm is the home to the Fair Haven Farm-Based Wellness Program, and is also home to Peels and Wheels Composting. Owner Domingo Medino chose to use an O2Compost system because of its "efficiency of the compost processing and compost quality. It complies with the PFRP standards of heat." Their system composts waste from a residential community: a small restaurant, food scraps from a school and church, leaves, and woodchips. The aeration is run 24/7 with a system of solar panels, batteries, inverters and a blower. The system currently has six bins and manages one ton of material per week. Instead of tongue and groove, which is difficult to find in the Northeast, the bins are made of recycled lumber. Once a week, Domingo uses an auger to help break down the material and speed up the process.