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Turned Windrow vs ASP

By Peter Moon

Turning windrows is a time consuming process requiring labor, equipment, and fuel. With the turned windrow method, piles return to an anaerobic condition well within an hour. When the piles are turned, odors can be very strong and offensive to the operator and neighbors. This is particularly true when working with offal and paunch waste.

To meet temperature conditions for pathogen destruction and turned windrow composting, the pile needs to be turned 5 times within a 15-day period and the pile temperatures need to be sustained at 131 degrees F (or higher) throughout that period.

Read the full article on our Blog to find out why ASP Composting is the better choice.


Client Success Story

Success after converting from Turned Windrow to ASP!

Dawn Carlson of River Heights Ranch in central Iowa has always practiced environmental stewardship by using goats to graze noxious weeks, planting native plants and wildflowers, etc. So, naturally, the manure management plan for her horses utilized the composting process. She began those efforts by putting the waste into a static pile (in the horse pasture with the horses) and turning the pile (irregularly) with the hope of creating a decent compost product. Her primary concern with this method was the pile's proximity to a creek and the city wells.

As her ranch facility grew, Dawn realized she needed a better way to manage the 500-600 lbs of manure and bedding waste that was accumulating daily. She contacted O2Compost in 2019 with a desire to "manage a premier compost production" that would provide a quality finished product. If you visit her websites and read about the wonderful programs she has developed, it will be of no surprise to learn that she has accomplished what she set out to do.

Read the full story on our Blog to see how her composting efforts are paying off.
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O2Compost Q&A

"Can shipping containers be modified and used as an Aerated Compost Bay System?"

  Yes they can, as shown in the picture above.

Jack Chambers of TerraVesco in Sonoma, California, converted three 20-foot containers into aerated composters. Each container has been divided into two bays, and they work like a dream. Each bin holds 40 yards of material and is perfectly suited to compost any combination of feedstocks, including manure, food waste, yard debris, and even biosolids.

These three container-composters are currently for sale and include two 1hp fans with timers to cycle the fans on and off. All aeration pipes, fittings, and tubes are included.

For more information on their availability, please contact jack.chambers@terravesco.com.

New Benchmark System


Owner:  Dawn C.
Location:  Central Iowa