O2Compost Systems

Our O2Compost systems differ in size and level of complexity. Some of these systems are best suited to agricultural application while others employ proven technologies and strategies for municipal and industrial scale compost operations. 

All of our aerated compost systems include four basic features:

Compost System Design Drawings:

Includes plans, sections, details, specifications, construction notes and a complete materials list.

Aeration Equipment Package:

Includes an electric blower, cycle timer, valves and fittings, and a temperature probe.

Complete Training Manual:

Discusses the principles of aerated composting and provides a prescriptive step-by-step process to follow.

Unlimited Technical Support:

All of your questions are answered and you can proceed with complete confidence. If you take full advantage of the technical support feature, we guarantee your success.


Volume per bin/bay

2 - 4 yd3


Small, free-standing box. Ideal for small farms, homes, and research or pilot projects.

Koler System

6 - 10 yd3


Do-It-Yourself permanent structure. Ideal for limited budgets. Comes in 16 base designs.

Bourke Website

10 - 60 yd3


Customized permanent structure. Very adaptable to specific needs and preferences.

ValleyView Website

20+ yd3

Aerated Static Piles (ASP)

 Free-standing piles. The simplest, cheapest method for large volumes.

Beigay Website

50+ yd3

Extended ASP

Free-standing piles built on the flanks of other piles. The most space efficient layout for very large volumes of compost.

Meskell Website

50+ yd3

Aerated Bays

Stacking Concrete Block Bays

Ideal for medium-scale municipal and industrial facilities where function is more important than aesthetics.

Thacher Website 

Masonry Block Bays

Ideal for farms and equestrian facilities where both functionality and aesthetics are important.

McCabe Website

All of the O2Compost systems are summarized on the Compost Systems Matrix to help you make a side by side comparison, and reviewed in further detail in our Product & Service Guide.