O2Compost Systems


O2Compost offers a wide range of aerated compost systems.  All of our compost systems include four basic features:

  1. Compost System Design Drawings: including plans, sections, details, specifications, construction notes and a complete materials list.
  2. Aeration Equipment Package:  including an electric blower, cycle timer, valves and fittings, and a temperature probe.
  3. Complete Training Manual: discussing the principles of aerated composting and providing a prescriptive step-by-step process to follow.
  4. Unlimited Technical Support: so that all of your questions are answered and you can proceed with complete confidence.  If you take full advantage of the technical support feature, we guarantee your success.

All O2Compost systems effectively isolate the raw feedstocks from the environment to mitigate impacts to surface and ground water resources and air quality.  The O2Compost method produces high quality compost in 30 to 60 days.

The O2Compost method destroys pathogens, parasites and weed seeds in the finished compost and eliminates impacts from odors, flies, rodents and birds. This approach to composting also reduces the release of volatile organic compounds (odorous emissions) as well as green house gases.

No pile turning is required with the O2Compost method of composting, thereby saving a great deal of time and expense (i.e., fuel, labor and equipment use / maintenance).

There are seven different O2Compost systems, each one differing in size and level of complexity.  Some of these systems are best suited to agricultural application while others employ proven technologies and strategies for municipal and industrial scale compost operations. 

Please take a minute or two to review our system options. All of the O2Compost systems are also summarized on the Compost Systems Matrix to help you make a side by side comparison.