Like all the best solutions, aerated composting is really quite simple.

Aeration is the SECRET to Composting

O2Compost has developed a wide array of aerated compost systems for every scale of operation; for every organic by-product; and for every budget.  We believe that composting is vital to establishing a sustainable world community.  As environmental engineers, scientists and educators, O2Compost’s mission is to teach the Science and Art of Aerated Composting and to empower individuals and organizations to become stewards of our land, air and water resources.

O2Compost specializes in designing compost systems to process virtually all organic residuals, including animal manure, food waste, landscaping debris, biosolids and other source separated organics. We utilize the Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Method of composting on all of our projects and implement fully tested methods and strategies that are both straight forward and cost effective.  Our compost systems are elegant in their simplicity.

What sets O2Compost apart is that we offer comprehensive operator training and technical support.  Because we have a vested interest in your success, we guarantee that your system will work perfectly for years to come.

In addition to compost system design and operator training, O2Compost offers consultation services for: general site layout; permitting; pilot projects and feasibility studies; and independent third-party reviews. As licensed civil engineers, we serve both private and public sector clients located worldwide, including private businesses, city and county solid waste authorities, universities, corporate campuses, prisons, military installations and non-profit organizations.

No Turning Required

Most people believe that compost needs to be turned to maintain aerobic conditions. However, when air is introduced into an active compost pile by turning, the oxygen level in the pile drops off very quickly—often to less than 1% oxygen content within 30 to 45 minutes. For this reason, “turning the pile” is an expensive and ineffective approach to composting.

This is the reason that O2Compost utilizes Aerated Static Pile Composting. Using an electric blower, we induce airflow through the pile to maintain aerobic conditions at all times. The oxygen stimulates the microorganisms that are already in the mix, and their by-product is heat. In a properly operated compost system, pile temperatures are sufficient to pasteurize the raw material and dramatically reduce offensive odors. High temperatures also destroy fly larvae and weed seeds. This means that the result of this process is safe, high-quality soil enhancement that supports healthy plant growth.

Our system greatly expedites the composting process and eliminates the "2-year pile syndrome". All of this takes place in 30 to 60 days, without turning the compost pile. Whether you’re dealing with waste from horses, chickens, cows, fish or people — O2Compost provides a solution that is simple, safe and cost effective.

Why is the O2Compost system better?
  • Mitigates impacts to surface and ground water resources
  • Produces high quality compost in 30 - 60 day
  • Eliminates pathogens, parasites, and weed seeds
  • No odors, no impact to air quality, reduced volatile organic compounds and greenhouse gases
  • No Vectors like rodents, flies, and birds
  • No pile turning. Greatly reduced cost of labor, fuel, and equipment use / maintenance