Pilot Projects

O2Compost specializes in assisting private and public sector clients with conducting pilot projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ASP Method and to evaluate if this approach to composting is appropriate in their situation.  Composting is experiential.  A pilot project is an exceptionally useful exercise that allows our clients to:

  • Quickly and inexpensively test the feasibility of: 1) collecting and composting source‐separated organics and; 2) utilizing the finished compost on site or selling it to gardeners in their local community;
  • Provide hands‐on training in the science and art of composting for management and operating staff, and establish a set of Standard Operations Procedures;
  • Produce a finished compost product that can be evaluated in a laboratory and used for growth trials as well as test marketing;
  • Identify logistical constraints and evaluate possible solutions to improve overall efficiency of current waste management practices;
  • Compare proprietary compost systems and alternative methods side by side;
  • Complete the pilot phase within a relatively short period of time (2 to 12 months) to avoid over committing financial and staff resources;
  • Evaluate the possible need for operating permits and an environmental review process;
  • Establish confidence with stakeholders (decision makers, regulators and neighbors);
  • Conduct a cost‐benefit analysis to evaluate the return on investment and determine if on-site composting is an economically sustainable practice;
  • Establish a set of metrics to evaluate the institution’s reduction in carbon footprint;
  • Reach a Go / No‐Go decision quickly and at a minimal cost; and
  • Establish a basis for full‐scale system design and a budget for construction and annual operation.

An expanded pilot project may also include a comprehensive waste audit of currently non‐recycled materials to determine what additional percentage of the waste stream can be captured and diverted to recycling and reuse.

View some of our Pilot Projects:

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