Horse Manure Composting

Tending to horses is a messy process that takes time and resources. Some tasks are not as bad as others, such as brushing horses or feeding them. Unfortunately, there are still messy jobs that nobody cares to do, particularly cleaning up manure. 

It can quickly end up in high piles around your property, becoming an eyesore and emitting foul odors - not to mention the valuable space it takes up. Additionally, improperly discarding it (or not discarding it at all) can be dangerous for horses grazing about your field. Properly cleaning and taking care of horse manure is vital to protecting the health of your horses and the beauty of your land.

The question of how to get rid of horse manure remains. To that, there is a cost-effective and worthwhile solution: compostingComposting uses recycled organic matter (manure) and repurposes it as a soil amendment. It provides nutrients for the health of your soil and promotes plant growth.

Benefits of Composting 

Landowners commonly purchase fertilizers or pesticides to promote the growth and health of their land. These chemically processed products do provide nutrients for land but not in the most sustainable way. In fact, these products can be harmful to the environment and don't act as effectively as naturally processed substances. 

Composting manure is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to these types of products. Natural compost offers numerous health benefits, such as promoting plant growth and soil structure, retaining moisture, and reducing the possibility of soil erosion. Because compost is from natural, organic matter, it is a more sustainable alternative than chemically processed fertilizers and pesticides. Composting manure reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces waste. 

Not only is compost better for soil and the environment, but it also costs significantly less than chemically produced alternatives. As a horse owner, you already have the organic matter necessary for composting, eliminating the cost you would otherwise pay for fertilizer or other products. 

Composting professionals can be expensive, even if you have manure available. O2 Compost provides horse manure composting systems that allow landowners to compost effectively on their own, eliminating the need for removal cost. This efficient solution brings many benefits to your land and your wallet. 

O2 Composting

Since 2001, O2Compost has developed a range of easy-to-operate composting systems that convert your waste problem into a resource opportunity. Our systems work for all scales of operation, from large stables with hundreds of animals to backyard barns with as few as one or two horses.

How does it work? 

O2 Compost utilizes the Aerated Static Pile (ASP) method of composting. Most composting requires turning the pile during the active phase (the first 30 days). The ASP method generates airflow using an electric blower, meaning you won't need to turn the pile. This process helps mitigate problems associated with horse manure composting, such as foul odors, flies, and adverse impacts on water quality. In 30 to 60 days, you will convert your pile of raw manure to high-quality compost. The aeration blower and timer do the work while you enjoy your horses.

We offer five different options that will meet every budget. Selecting the solution that best fits your needs is simple:

  1. Our Training Program Coordinator will consult with you so we can learn the specifics of your situation.
  2. We prepare a written proposal detailing everything in the Training Program that best fits your needs.
  3. After reviewing and discussing, we will follow up via phone to answer any questions and determine if you would like to move forward.

We can also coordinate a consultation and a site visit with one of our clients in your area. At O2 Compost, we work on your timeline without exerting any pressure to make a sale.

Each of our Training Programs includes four parts:

  1. A detailed design for a system that best fits your needs
  2. An aeration equipment package, including an electric blower, timer, and valves to control airflow to one or multiple bins
  3. A complete training manual that provides background information on aerated composting and prescriptive step-by-step procedures to follow.
  4. Most importantly, technical support. We will guide you through the learning process and never leave you stranded.

We will never charge over the initial payment, even for technical support. Best of all, we GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!

Horse manure management is essential to the health of your land and your horses. Adding a compost system is an affordable and sustainable alternative to other chemically produced products. O2 compost offers different systems suitable to your specific needs. We are happy to consult with you to find the best solution for your horse manure management. Owning horses is a fun and rewarding experience. Cleaning up the manure they produce is not so fun, but can be rewarding. Contact us today to set up a consultation!