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Completed Compost Projects

Aerated Static Pile Composting was first developed in the mid-1970's in Beltsville, Maryland under a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some years later, Peter Moon - founder and President of O2Compost - learned the ASP Method from engineers and scientists who did the original research. Peter used this knowledge to design and construct large municipal and industrial compost systems located throughout the western United States.

In 2001, while designing a poultry mortality composting facility, Peter asked himself "How small can we make an aerated bin system and still have it meet all of our objectives?" He designed and constructed a very simple 3-bin system (pictured above), and it worked better than he could have ever imagined.

Since that time, O2Compost has designed and assisted with the construction of over 1,000 aerated compost systems located worldwide. Time and experience has shown that O2Compost Systems are ideal for composting virtually every type of organic residual, thereby helping us to "Convert a Waste Problem into a Resource Opportunity".

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