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Silver Lake Stables

Bucksport, ME

David D. has nine horses, and four are draft horses. Space became an issue when he had to move from Texas to Maine, and he had to create a retaining wall to stop erosion on the outdoor arena at his new location. He says "installation of the O2Compost system solved both problems!"

David added a couple unique features to his Cornerstone System: (1) he installed a water collection system that collects rain and snow melt from the roof as the only source of water near the indoor and outdoor arenas; and (2) he built a large concrete storage area to store the finished compost for 30-60 days, or all winter. Once ready for use, the finished compost is used on the gardens, spread on the pasture, and given to friends.

"We love the system. It manages our manure very efficiently and we have made many new friends due to the compost!"