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3-Horse Farm

Corvallis, OR

Roger and Kristina G. learned about the O2Compost system from their local agricultural extension agent. Their Benchmark system is a top-down design which allows the convenience of loading manure from above with a wheelbarrow, and accessing/unloading the finished compost from below with a tractor. Roger built the stable and compost system on his own with plans to add a concrete apron. Through a bit of trial and error during start-up, Roger admits there was a bit of a learnig curve and found greater success by covering the bins to keep out the rain.

"It requires a bit of work but the result seems worth the effort. As a way to deal with manure in a rural residential area, it makes a lot of sense. It keeps down odors, the manure is out of sight, it is relatively quiet, and it processes the manure." The finished compost product is spread on the pastures.