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Right Lead Farm LLC

Trout Lake, WA

Allyson B. owns two horses and boards six more. In her words, "that's a lot of manure". After boarding her horses at many show barns and experiencing the hard work of a poor manure disposal system, she was "keen to follow Peter's prescription for success". She tested our smallest Micro-Bin System on her two horses and then graduated to the Benchmark System. Allyson spreads the finished compost on her fields to improve the quality of the grass. 

Feedback from Allyson ... "We put in sliding barn doors at the top of the composter as it is located just off our barn aisle but also just off our upstairs apartment deck. I wanted the bin to be located as close as possible to my stall chores but worried about smell and flies. What you learn is that a properly managed manure pile does not smell bad [and the flies are practically nonexistent]. O2Compost gives me the formula for dealing with waste in a responsible and easy way."