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Hilltop Farm

Carpinteria, CA

Evan M. wanted to be a better steward of the land. He found O2Compost during his search for sustainable and efficient ways to handle the waste generated on his farm: horse manure and bedding, leftover hay, yard waste from landscaping, mulch from avocado operations, and food waste. He composts the horse "outputs" separately, sifts the finished compost product, blends it with new shavings, and re-uses it for stall bedding. The other compost mixes are spread on the avocado orchard, pastures, and gardens.

But what makes Evan's Aerated Bays different from most? His compost system is completely off grid. The aeration equipment is powered by an 8.5kWp solar system. "O2Compost was easy to work with. The technical support was very informative and educational."