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Four Winds Riding Center

Gig Harbor, WA

Four Winds Riding Center has 10 to 12 horses on wood fiber pellet bedding. Owner Edward R. wanted to "improve manure management at his facility and turn a waste stream into an income stream or at least make it more usable". His approach to constructing his Benchmark Compost System is unique in that he built the structure almost entirely with salvaged and left over material for a lumber and hardware cost of $200. The concrete was an additional $1,800 leaving him with a total construction cost of around $2,000. Edward also modified the bottom of the compost bins by adding steel grates wrapped in filter fabric over the top of the aeration plenum in the floor. "This greatly improved the aeration and the decomposition of the material is much more uniform."

After the aeration process is complete, the compost is removed from the bins and stockpiled on raised steel grates wrapped in filter fabric to age and dry for sifting. "This works much better than when I placed it on the ground and covered. It dries much quicker and ages to a marketable condition in about 60 days. When stockpiled on the ground, it didn't dry unless it was being regularly turned over." The finished compost is sifted, bagged, and sold. He also sells unsifted compost in bulk. His annual sales are enough to cover the costs and he is doing his part to dispose of the manure and bedding waste in an environmentally friendly manner.