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In a Good Way Ranch

Carbondale, CO

It was very important to Barbara D. to have a manure management system in place before bringing home her horses and others to her boarding business at Morningstar, LLC. "Internet research suggested that the O2Compost system was exactly what I was looking for." Aside from the beautiful view her top-down Benchmark System boasts, Barbara reports that the most unique features are the leftover project materials her very resourceful builder used to build the bins. For example, the front "gates" are plexiglass from a disassembled gondola.

She composts the raw horse manure with just enough pine pellet bedding to facilitate the composting process and despite the extremely cold winter weather, her system reaches the necessary pile temps and remains odorless year round. Eventually, the finished compost will be used on the Morningstar property but for now it is being offered up to neighbors and many area small farming operations. Barbara says her goal is to line up more regular customers so she is not the one emptying the finished compost from the bins.