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Rose of Sharon Equestrian School

Glen Arm, MD

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Rose of Sharon Equestrian School will be the hosting location of one of our two FREE one-day On-Farm Composting Workshops in the Chesapeake Bay area. Here are links to the two events: 

Friday, October 13  (Aberdeen MD)
Saturday, October 14  (Glen Arm MD)

Seeking to employ as many green practices as possible, Joan Marie Twining did her research and determined an O2Compost aerated compost system to be the right choice for her nonprofit organization. This Cornerstone System composts manure and bedding from five horses. It is a top-down design making it easy to dump into from above with a wheelbarrow, and easy to empty from the front with a front-loader. The finished compost is used to augment the hay and straw fields, and leftovers are donated to volunteers and to a local organic gardener. To help sustain the valuable equine-assisted services Rose of Sharon provides to individuals with disabilities, Joan is exploring the possibility of having the compost tested and certified for public sale. "We love our O2 System and look forward to expanding the uses of our composted materials in the future!" See more of Joan's testimonial HERE