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Cool Breeze Farm

East Amwell, NJ

Before Marnie S. learned about aerated composting, she was hauling out manure and bedding and hauling in cured compost to avoid the laborious task of pile turning. Then she found O2Compost. Her Micro-Bin System composts horse manure and shavings from five horses, along with food scraps and organic waste from the flower fields. Hers is a top-down system (built against a wall) making it easy to dump the manure and shavings straight into the bin. The finished compost is used to improve the soil in her flower fields. "I am very excited about the prospect of creating my own compost and using what is produced to help regenerate the soil. I anticipate there will be years of cost savings by creating my own compost, and a great deal of comfort in knowing it is chemical free."