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Taylor Farm LLC

New Hartford, CT

After following O2Compost's website for many years, Lynn T. "took the plunge" and changed the way she was handling the manure and bedding waste from her 23 retired horses. Before constructing her Cornerstone Compost System, Lynn used a manure dumpster and was unhappy with its environmental affects. It was "messy, insect breeding, smelly, and difficult to empty in the winter in snow and ice." With a  mix of 20% shavings, 75% manure and 5% wasted hay, she fills a bin every five to six weeks. With the four-bin system, she can go nearly six months before moving the compost out which gives her peace of mind. She no longer has to depend on outside resources to deal wih the manure. Lynn has many uses for her finished compost. She (1) spreads it on her flower and tree beds; (2) uses it as ground cover around a large group of River Birches; (3) uses it to mulch the pathways around the farm; and (4) spreads it on the hay fields. She also plans to give/sell it to friends and neighboring gardeners. Lynn says "I am so glad I did this!!!"