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Parkinen Road Farm

Brush Prairie, WA

Albert O. and his wife Eloise have been composting using an O2Compost Micro-Bin since it was first developed in 2006.  They have one horse and four beef cows that contribute to the mix, and Albert has constructed four plywood style bins to manage the volume that they generate. 

Albert has also constructed a portable ramp so that he can dump directly into the bin that is currently being filled.  So far, his plywood bins have lasted seven years with only minor repairs.

Albert and Eloise mostly use the finished compost in their garden and on their pastures, but they have also been known to give it away as a gift to gardening friends.  From time to time Albert will shred some of the compost using a garden limb chipper for Eloise’s herb business. She combines it with a commercial potting soil and uses it with her new herb starts. She says that the compost system makes all the difference in the world.