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Grant Legacy Ranch

Sisters, OR

"After much research into various composting methods, this system and approach seemed the most responsible and efficient. It allows for us to manage our material and be able to use it quickly in a variety of ways, while also improving the value of the property."

Rhett H. processes horse manure, coffee grinds, kitchen scraps, and yard debris. His ranch has five horses with plans to add one more. He first experimented with a smaller O2Compost Micro-Bin system but quickly realized his five horses could fill the bin in 8-10 days. He also discovered that once the bin was half full, the need to wheelbarrow the manure up a ramp to dump could be quite challenging and "comical". So Rhett upgraded to the Cornerstone system and built it into the ground, creating a small earthen ramp on the backside to allow for easy dumping. 

The finished compost is currently being used as material to fill in tree wells, as fertilizer supplement on the lawn, and he is sharing a good amount with neighbors. Rhett is also considering selling some (or most) of the material to a local yard management business and even hemp farmers.

"Peter has been a great partner and a sage mentor during the process and continues to assist us as needed."