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Urban Worm Company

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Steve C. needed an aerated static pile system to prepare feedstock for their Michigan SoilWorks Continuous Flow Vermicomposter. The O2Compost Micro-Bin was successfully composting horse manure but has now been switched over to spent brewery grains. The waste is composted for three to four weeks in the Micro-Bins before being fed to the worms. This allows the Urban Worm Company to feed the worms a stabilized material without risk of heating, while offering enough food value for the worms.

This particular Micro-Bin is unique in that it has been installed indoors in a converted horse stall and requires an exhaust system facilitated by a 4-inch inline ducted fan venting the vapors outdoors. This setup also provides the added benefit of radiant heat that maintains reasonable temperatures in the unheated barn throughout the winter. The bins are built on cinder block capped with pressure treated wood and upcycled composite decking.

"We chose O2Compost based on Peter Moon's reputation within the industry and the excellent customer support that he offers to all his clients, big and small. The system works wonderfully. We couldn't be happier."