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ReVision Urban Farm

Boston, MA

"Searching for a way to make our own compost with a quick turnaround, we learned about O2Compost and knew this was the system for us." Conor B. shares that space is at a premium on his small urban farm, but his Micro-Bin system fit in nicely behind the greenhouse. His bins compost leftover plant and produce matter, as well as food scraps from the two shelters that sit on the farm property. His plans for the finished compost include top dressing all the fields. "Soil erosion is a real concern for an urban farm, so this will not only provide nutrient-dense compost, but will help keep our soil healthy and plentiful."

"... we are excited for our future composting - not only for the benefit of the farm, but from an environmental standpoint. We use our farm for educational outreach and can't wait to show off the new systems to the general public!"