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Stone Barns Center

Tarrytown, NY

This O2Compost ASP system was built by Shane H. and Chase H. at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. They found an aerated O2Compost System to be more time efficient and much more affordable to get up and running than a turned windrow. They also find that it offers a great example for teaching young farmers and apprentices.

Stone Barns Center composts waste and bedding (hardwood chips from local arborists) from their animals: approximately 30 pigs, a few hundred laying hens, and some cattle and sheep. They also throw in scraps from roughly eight acres of vegetable fields, and weeds and prunings from the landscaping.

The finished compost is used in their diversified vegetable operations and greenhouse, on the pastures, and on the perennial landscape and fruit. It is also used to brew compost tea for spring and fall application on the pasture and vegetable gardens.

"We love O2Compost systems. The whole O2Compost team has been extremely helpful and generous during our establishment of this system, making the setup very streamlined."  ~ Shane H.