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Sweet Greens Utah

Bluffdale, UT

Jared L. was looking for a way to create 120 cubic yards of compost to fill greenhouses. The O2Compost system at Sonoma Valley Worm Farm led him to us and now his uniquely shaped hexagonal Micro-Bin System plays an important role in his demonstration garden. It composts wood chips from a tree service, horse manure (without persistent pesticides), and manure from 2 goats and 30 chickens. Further inspired by Paul Gautschi of "Back to Eden Gardening", Jared collects 500 gallons of rain water a month and disperses it into 60 cubic yards in each greenhouse. This allows for microbes and worms to enrich the growing medium. A further benefit is the ability to avoid expensive chlorinated water and cheaper Alkaline-laden canal water.