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Polytechnic School

Pasadena, CA

This Micro-Bin is the result of a sustainability project conducted with a group of 8th graders by Laura F. and Kate G.  After visiting the O2Compost system located at the Rose Bowl, the students chose composting as their research project. Their remote Zoom presentation to school leaders in July, 2020 secured funding needed to start the pilot project. O2Compost donated the aeration equipment, designs and technical support. Due to Covid restrictions, the system was constructed, filled and monitored by school alumnus with students watching on live cam. The Micro-Bin is composting cut grass, leaves, shrub trimmings, pine needles and some pre-consumer waste. More food waste willl  be added once students are able to return to school.

"Peter Moon has been incredibly supportive and sees the value of young people engaging in this type of real-world sustainability problem solving." ~Laura F.