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Sweet Farm

Half Moon Bay, CA

Katie B. facilitated the installation of this O2Compost Benchmark System to convert waste from 120 animals into a soil health augmenter at their farm. The animal menagerie includes cows, horses, goats, chickens, lambs, sheep, turkeys, quail, and ducks. Also thrown into the compost mix is duckweed (algae that grows on the irrigation pond), food waste, and biochar. The finished compost product is implemented in the fields as a way to build up the beds and improve the diet of the microorganisms in the soil. 

"This is my first time using ASP composting and while the process of composting will always be trial and error, ASP makes it more manageable and timely. The O2Compost organization provides education and support that allows you to truly understand the process. Overall, very exciting!"