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Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

In 2004, Virginia Polytechnic Institute completed construction on a new dairy sciences facility. This facility is utilized for research purposes and serves as a state-of-the-art manure handling equipment demonstration site. In support of the company Integrity Nutrient Control Systems, O2Compost provided comprehensive training to the VT staff and operators.

This is an aerated compost system that utilizes four high pressure / high volume blowers operated independently by a programmable logic controller. With this sytem, separated dairy manure is stacked for approximately three weeks, giving it time for excess liquids to drain from the fibrous solids. The manure is then placed on a simple network of aeration pipes and airflow is induced through the mix for approxmiately four weeks.

With this operation, offensive odors have been controlled (the compost building is located near one of the entrances to the university and is subject to complaints when odors are prevalent). The finished product is being used around the university in landscaped areas and is land applied in research corn fields. Plans also include marketing the finished compost on a wholesale basis to private distributors.