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Oregon Dream Ponies

Newberg, OR

Nestled in a population of very high-quality boutique wineries and organic / bio-dynamic vineyards, Bob and Kim Taylor strive to build up their property in a consistent manner to support their belief in proper land stewardship. O2Compost worked with the Taylors to provide a compost system that would become fully integrated into their daily lives and would meet their primary objectives to: 1) protect surface and gound water resources; 2) avoid nuisance impacts from odors, flies and rodents; 3) reduce labor and expense; and 4) produce a high-quality finished product for use around their facility and community gardens, and to sell to local gardeners.

"Peter Moon and his team at O2Compost have been exceptional in their support and knowledge of teh ASP application. They are experts in this area and have been professional and enjoyable to work with."