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Rainbow Reach LLC

Sebastopol, CA

Ellie I. is a specialist in natural habitat restoration and wanted to keep the watershed clean and cut down on the flies. She constructed a Cornerstone compost system which was designed to accommodate 6-7 horses. When the number of her horses decreases to just 3-4, she "shrinks" the bays by only using the back half of the bays and covering the front aeration trenches with plywood. She says "it works great and we have room to expand if we need to." Half of the finished compost is spread back on the pastures. The other half is used as stall bedding and sold (or given away) to friends and neighbors. "When I read up on your system, it just made sense. I liked that you provided the drawings, and all I had to do was find a builder. The system works very smoothly, one of the best investments I made on my ranch."