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Myers Performance Morgans

Binghamton, NY

This system manages the manure produced by 20 horses on sawdust bedding.  It utilizes a top-down approach, wherein the manure is wheeled from the barn to the backside of the facility and dropped down into one of the three bays. Once the bay is full, finished compost is placed over the top and the airflow is started. When finished, the compost is removed from the bay on the front (downhill) side and placed in an adjoining curing and storage area.

When Karen M. was first planning her new riding arena, she realized that manure management would be a major expense and a potential environmental liability.  By investing in an O2Compost System, she calculated that it would pay for itself in less than two years and give her a product that she could use on the farm or sell to local landscapers.  Her O2Compost System helped her realize her dream of owning a training stable.