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Circle M Farm

Washington, TX

After an internet search, Elisabeth M. and Per B. realized an O2Compost Micro-Bin system was the perfect solution to using donkey manure to fertilize their hay fields. The manure is picked up daily from their four donkeys, three miniatures, and one small standard ... "This gives us exercise, fresh air, a good excuse to spoil the donkeys (they love to be petted) and free fertilizer for our hay meadow." The bins are made from red cedar boards, and the fronts are held in place with latches. The lids are made with a red cedar frame and polycarbonate roof panels. With only a small amount of pine pellet bedding in the mix, Elisabeth and Per find that the composting process takes less time than they expected. The finished compost is used as fertilizer in the hay meadow. "We love the O2 system and promote it whenever we can!"