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Nuevo Mundo Alpaca

Selbyville, DE

With 16 alpacas on less than four acres, Elizabeth F. wanted an eco-friendly way to make use of alpaca manure while keeping the property clean and odor free. Her research led her to O2Compost and she now has a nice rotating compost system set up with her Micro-Bins. Since the alpacas do not require bedding, scrap hay or horse bedding pellets is added to the bins as they fill up to ensure an optimal C:N mixture. The finished compost is used by a local organic farmer whose certification company approved the O2Compost alpaca compost for use on his crops. The farmer even conducted a side-by-side test by growing a batch of tomatoes in potting soil and a second batch in the alpaca compost. The farmer reported that the plants grown in the alpaca compost were "hands down healthier and grew faster!"