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Canterberry Farm

Morrisville, VT

Like many young girls, Sharon A. loved horses and would spend hours riding and caring for them.  Then she grew up, went to college, got married, and started a career and family. Horses quickly became a part of her past. That is, until her kids left home and she had the means to pursue her dream of owning a horse farm in upstate Vermont. During the planning stages, Sharon researched every aspect of her farm and she stumbled on O2Compost in Karen Hayes’ book, “How to be the Perfect Horsekeeper”. Sharon constructed her three-bin compost system in the gable end of her new hay barn.

Being in Vermont, the winters are cold and the “manure and urine pizzas” were frozen solid every morning when she cleaned out the stalls. O2Compost helped resolve this dilemma by adding heat cables to the walls of her system and thawing out the manure so that it could be composted year round. Sharon said, “My neighbors thought I was crazy for going to all this effort, but when they saw the finished compost they thought I was a genius”. Now she is the local expert on composting horse manure.