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Antioquia, Columbia

Spearheaded by Esteban M. in Rionegro, Antioquio, Columbia, this compost pilot project is located at an agricultural investigation facility. This eight-bin system composts a variety of waste products, including municipal solid wastes, chicken manure, castor oil beans (after castor oil has been extracted), flower leftovers, crop waste, and vegetable waste from a grocery market. The finished compost is being used to feed the plants at this facility.

Esteban made several modifications to the original design in order to make it 100% automatic. He uses a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to read the bin thermometers and based on the information collected, the PLC then automatically sets the blower on/off time frequency.

Due to the success of this pilot project, Esteban has been able to start implementing the aerated compost system at other sites. He is looking forward to developing an even larger system for the region.