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Lenz Compost

Stanwood, WA

For many years, Tom Lenz and his son Jason "composted" paunch waste from a local meat packing plant. Their method of composting was to "stack it and leave it for a couple of years", which lead to a compliance order with the County Health District. After several years of designing a municipal compost facility and seeking permits, Lenz Compost came into being. This project is an excellent example of teamwork. O2Compost coordinated the permitting and design process, and Engineered Compost Systems of Seattle, Washington, provided a computer-managed Push-Pull Aeration System. In 2012, Lenz Compost processed over 50,000 tons of municipal yard debris mixed with paunch waste, and have received zero odor complaints from the local community. The local air authority points to Lenz Compost as an exemplary compost facility in the region.