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I need a larger system!

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What happens if I outgrow my Micro-Bin System?

ANSWER: If you purchase the Micro-Bin Training Program and later decide to upgrade to a larger system (or one that is the same size but permanently constructed) we will treat the amount you spent on the Micro-Bin as a deposit toward your upgrade. This has always been out policy and does not depend on how long you have been operating your Micro-Bin System. With your upgrade, you will receive all of the benefits of purchasing a new system, including (1) a full set of design drawings; (2) a new equipment package; (3) an operations manual; and (4) unlimited technical support. Our Benchmark, Cornerstone and ASP systems also come with a 30-day discount offer.

If you think you might be ready to upgrade, SCHEDULE a 30-minute consultation with Peter to help you make that decision.

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